Let's sell homes--faster and for more money!

Of course it's every sellers dream to sell their home FAST and for the asking price. But as we know, the real estate market is very competitive--even when it's good. So, how do you stand out as an agent? Service and knowledgeability! We can help...Steph Johnson Design can be your "go to" for your staging services. Give us a call and let's take your service to the next level without adding more items to your "to do" list!

When 9 out of every 10 buyers view the home online first, it's essential that the photos are of professionally staged rooms! We can do both staging and photos for you!

Let's partner up and benefit!

We are offering and easy way to enhance your listing package by offering professional staging services and performing occupied home consultations and reports.  We are affordable and we will make things easier for you and your clients

  • We Listen!  We focus first on how we can benefit your business and help you get more listings by making you look fantastic.
  • Accredited and Certified!  Certification and credibility matter to your sellers, so they know when we make a recommendation...it's in their best interest.
  • Beautiful, Photo-Filled Reports!  We offer the best client action plans in the business, so you look professional and there's no mistaking what needs to be done to the home.
  • Educational Hand-outs!  Since we know that not all sellers understand the benefits of staging, we offer easy to understand, statistics and materials you can use to educate them on the staging process.