Let us help you sell your home, faster and for more money!

Steph Johnson Design will help you capitalize on the most attractive version of your home. Let's face it, selling a home is not easy. We can help you through that process by manipulating your existing home into a space that is meant to attract a buyer. We specialize in realizing the specific real estate market needs in the Burnsville, Mars Hill, Spruce Pine and surrounding areas. It doesn't have to bust your budget either--we will work with what you have first and build from there based on your needs and budget. We will give you a plan to get through the showings and sell your home!

Let's redesign for you and your family!

Every now and then, our homes need our attention. Steph Johnson Design specializes in creating a warm, inviting interior space that is not only beautiful but also practical. Throughout our lives, we grow and change and it's important to live in a space that reflects who we are now. A space that supports and inspires fills us with joy and allows us to focus on the important task of living the life we love!

Call Steph Johnson Design at (828) 284-1367 and let's get started!

Statistics show that home staging will increase the amount offered for your home. For a minimal investment--you can receive so much more!

We will provide you with a detailed staging plan, making the process stream-lined and organized!

We WANT to make it EASY for you! We take the guess work out and leave you with a plan. Or, we will do the work for you--your choice!

We love homes and we love making our clients happy. We have high standards and a strong work ethic that makes our work shine.

Professional Affiliations

Steph Johnson Design provides professional home staging services to Burnsville, Spruce Pine, Mars Hill, and Asheville.  I am proud to be an HSR Certified professional home stager serving Burnsville, Spruce Pine, Mars Hill, and Asheville!  I have successfully completed the most extensive, RESA Accredited, home staging certification course in the world.



  • Statistics on the success of staging.
  • The 8-Step Process to stage each room.
  • Lots of photos of staged rooms as examples.